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I just received your aerators... They are seriously really good... You've given me nothing but quality products.. I'm very happy with this stuff...

Hi Christina, I arrived back last night and found the new sink faucet aerator in a package near my front door. It installed easily and works perfectly at 0.5gpm. Thank you and the rest of the staff for all you have done to make certain I had the right produce for my needs. I can't recall a company ever going to this degree to assist a customer. I will recommend your company to all my friends who may need your products. I am so appreciative. Thank you, Margo

Hi Jeff, The water saver kits were recently installed. Where I live in Florida, we get our water bill every other month, so I am still waiting to see a difference. All the tenants love the showerheads, and view them as an upgrade. I put two in my personal residence and think they are wonderful. I'll be placing another order soon. Thanks, Michael

Jeff, Hello! Thank you for your kind explanation. I felt really stupid when I visited the hardware store yesterday and discovered the truth for myself. I hope you don't spend too much time on buffoons like me. (In my defense, it was my very first install :)) Do use my email! People do not know what they are missing! I am going to enlighten my mom and my other conservation minded friends. I feel privy to a great secret, but I know this one needs to be shared: with your products, water conservation is both economical and painless. I ppreciate your timely responses to my questions. You need a raise! :) m

From: "Jeff Porter" Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 12:19:50 -0400 Hi Margaret, I am happy to hear you are so pleased with your shower head! May we use your nice email as a testimonial?

The aerators we sent are dual-thread with threads on both the inside and outside. They should fit your faucet unless you have a smaller thread than standard - then you will need an adapter. If you remove the washers you will see the threads inside. You will probably only need one washer. Good luck. Let me know how it goes.

Kind regards, Jeff

Subject: My faucet aerators are the wrong gender

Jeff, Hello! I received an order I had placed with your company yesterday (order #592). Let me first say that the shower head is fantastic. I cannot believe it is low flow! It is way better than the water-guzzler I had before :) However, I was disappointed to find that the aerators I had purchased were not anatomically correct for the faucet heads in my apartment. I need aerators with the screws on the inside. Do you sell those? Are there adaptors that I can purchase? Please help! Thanks so much, Margaret

P.S. I have already recommended you to a friend who is visiting. She is wowwed by the shower and can't wait to get home and see what kind of faucet aerators she has so she can place an order too. Thank you for providing people with such wonderful conservation options.

Thanks for the quick shipment. Weíre enjoying our new lightbulbs and looking forward to the savings! Glad you guys could make it to the CPOA convention. You were the highlight of the vendors! Jeff

Dear Jeff, I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with your products I recently ordered re:Toilet and shower head. I liked the concept of the flapper less Toilet and I will recommend your company and products to my friends and family . Sincerely, John

It's great doing business with you. Sherry & Rich

The customer service of this company is strictly awesome, and if you are interested in saving water and electricity the the products are awesome too. Sincerely, Richard Y, maintenance @ High Mountain Institute, Leadville, Colorado

Thanks for the prompt delivery and the great service. I think I might have sold some toilets to the FEDX guy. He is remodeling and needs 4 of them. I showed him the ones at the school and said how well they worked. He also has co workers that are remodeling so hopefully they will want them too. Sincerely, Richard @ High Mountain Institute.

Jeff, Just a quick note to thank you for the great service, my order arrived on time and complete as you promised. I have installed one unit and it works great. Thanks, Rod

Thank you for the info and for the products. They are great. I have already installed one shower head in my sonís bathroom and he is really excited about the increased water pressure (he had another type of water saving shower head that definitely saved water but didnít provide a very good shower). Öso with this important test behind me, I ready to continue installing the products!

Also, I thought your note regarding water usage and leaks is excellent. If you donít mind I will plagiarize the note and add something about energy efficient light bulbs. Thanks again, John

To whom it may concern: This is the best showerhead I've seen and used. It's very impressive as it delivers a spray that is more than enough, with excellent coverage, and yet still does it at a water saver rate. Also, as a plus, the spray is adjustable from fine to gentle. I purchased the 1.5 Premiere showerhead N2815-PP. I will highly recommend you to others in the future. Thank You Very Much, Robert

PS: Shipping was done quickly & received very fast.

Hi Jeff, I would like to order another 250 aerators with the little baggies and descriptions. The ones we ordered for our annual meeting were a big hit, so we'd like to have them to hand out as we talk about our project.

You can use the same details as before. This time, no rush. Thanks! Heidi

To whom it may concern: First of all, Id like to say thanks for the great products you have. We have seen a big savings just by switching over to efficient shower heads and faucet aerators.

My question is, I recently purchased a couple of your Premiere 1.25 gpm shower heads. I have to say they work great for as little water they use. I just tried one out. I have a Premiere 1.75 gpm shower head I ordered from you awhile back but have never used it. Is there anyway I can send it back and get another 1.25 shower head in its place? Its in perfect condition.

Please let me know! I appreciate your help. Klay

Easy installation! i installed 3 1-gpm's, now i'll try 0.5 on three other faucets. it turns out my kitchen faucet is also standard size!