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 - Click to enlargeDon't buy a new showerhead, save water with the showerhead you have now!

Can't part with your showerhead, but you also want to save water? Use this shower flow controller to reduce the flow to 1.5 gallons per minute (gpm), 1.75 gpm, 2.0 gpm or 2.5 gpm. Choose your flow rate below.

The shower flow controller is pressure compensating so it works well if you have low or varying water pressure.

Installs easily between the shower arm and the shower head.

  • Chrome Plated Solid Brass
  • Female 1/2"-14 NPT x Male 1/2"-14 NPT
  • Choose from 1.5gpm, 1.75gpm, 2.0gpm or 2.5 gpm

    Need a larger quantity? Request a quote.

    Shower Flow Controller
    1-56 - 49 more than 50
    Temporarily closed until May 15th.

    Flow Rate (gpm):