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Water Saver Showerheads
Save with Faucet Aerators
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Shower Timers
Shower Flow Control
Dish Squeegee™ or Dish Scraper
NEW! Flow Meter Measuring Bag
Drip Gauge
Toilet Savings & Repair
Pressure Assist 1.0 gpf Toilets - Flush 37% less water!
Energy Saving CFL and LED Light Bulbs
Urinals - Waterless & Pint
Sensor Faucets
Commercial Kitchen Pre-Rinse Sprayers
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Sensor Faucets

AquaSense Sensor Faucet<br>Z6915-F-MT
AquaSense Sensor Faucet

AquaSense Sensor Faucet with Hydroelectric Generator<br>Z6915-GEN
AquaSense Sensor Faucet with Hydroelectric Generator

AquaSense "A" Battery Powered Lavatory Faucet<br>Z6917-MV
AquaSense "A" Battery Powered Lavatory Faucet