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 - Click to enlargeNiagara Versa Kitchen Aerator - 1.5 GPM Bubble/Spray Flow

Versa 1.5 GPM (5.7 LPM) Swivel Kitchen Aerator with Water Conservation Valve

Modern and sleek, the Versa dual function kitchen aerator delivers a great flow at any water pressure. Switch from a bubble stream to needle spray with a twist of the body. Soft rubber water jet-ways allow for easy cleaning. The Water Conservation Valve allows you to quickly reduce the flow of the water.

  • 1.5 gallon per minute flow rate (5.7 litre per minute)
  • Niagara patented non-removable pressure compensator provides a constant output of water regardless of pressure
  • (2) spray functions: Air inducted soft bubble stream and splash-free needle spray pattern of (20) individual streams
  • POM ball joint with 360° swivel
  • Soft rubber nozzles for easy cleaning and decalcification
  • Sleek, modern housing made of ABS plastic, chrome color
  • Dual-thread brass connection Male: 15/16-27 Female: 55/64-27
  • Overall dimensions: 1.3” diameter x 2.2” (33 x 55.6mm)
  • Made in China

Spec Sheet

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