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 - Click to enlargeEarth Massage Shower Heads

FOX 5 Money reporter Melanie Alnwick took three showerheads to a professional basketball team, who agreed to give the low-flow gadgets a true shower test. Who better to decide whether water-saving shower heads can really do the job than basketball players showering AFTER a game

Some people spend a lot of time in the shower. Unfortunately, they are also using lots of hot water - and the cost of that adds up quickly. Using a low-flow showerhead is a guaranteed way of reducing water and energy use and saving on utility bills.

The fully adjustable low flow Earth Massage Showerhead instantly reduces water & energy use. Choose from a maximum of 1.25 (50% savings), 1.5 (40% savings) or 1.75 (30% savings) gallons per minute. But the shower power is outstanding. This high end shower head looks great, saves water, saves energy and makes hot showers last longer. It will pay for itself in just a few weeks. Save water, save energy.


  • 9-Jet Turbo Massage - setting from forceful to gentle.
  • Fully adjustable spray.
  • Non-removable flow compensator.
  • Non-aerating spray for no temperature loss (no cold feet)
  • Consistent flow rate regardless of water pressure
  • Self-cleaning and maintenance free
  • Easy-to-install
  • Corrosion resistant high-impact ABS thermoplastic body
  • Chrome-plated brass coupling nut
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI specifications
  • CSA and CEC Certification
  • 10-year guarantee

    Earth Massage Shower Head - White, 1.5 gpm Spec Sheet

    Earth Massage Showerheads - 1.5 gpm
    Temporarily closed until May 15th.


  • NEW! Niagara Earth Showerhead, 1.5 GPM, Brushed NickelChoose the Brushed Nickel color of the Niagara Earth showerhead for a higher end, classic look. A great shower, good looks and water savings at an affordable price. Pays for itself in weeks.

    NEW! Niagara Earth Showerhead, 1.5 GPM, Brushed Nickel
    Temporarily closed until May 15th.

    For pricing on more than 100 units, please inquire. Request a quote.