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 - Click to enlargeDual-flow .5gpm/2.2gpm faucet aerator

The perfect balance between conservation and convenience.

The "default" position of this aerator is .5 gallons per minute (gpm), the lowest flow rate available, in a circular spray pattern. Pull down on the black ring for a full 2.2 gpm aerated stream flow.

Use the default flow for washing hands and dishes, brushing teeth, etc and the full flow for filling pots.

Connects to most faucets with inside or outside threads, easy installation, no tools needed. Dual threaded 15/16" - 55/64".

THE perfect aerator if conservation is your goal.

Please call or email for higher quantity pricing.

Dual flow faucet aerator .5gpm/2.2gpm
1-23 - 5 more than 6
Temporarily closed until May 15th.

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