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San Diego County Water Authourity
After the devastating fires in November, 2003 the Board of Health refused to allow schools to reopen unless ash and fire debris were removed. The schools were instructed not to sweep, blow or hose the ash and debris as this impacted air quality and urban runoff. The San Diego County Water Authority distributed WaterBrooms to the schools, so cleanup could begin at once without creating airborne pollution or creating urban runoff.

Anaheim Marriott Hotel
We have found that the broom significantly saves cleaning time when we are washing large areas such as our pool decks and the entrance to our hotel. Prior to using the Waterbroom we took as long as two hours each day to clean the sidewalks and driveway in front of the hotel. Since we started using the Waterbroom, we have found that the same job can be completed in 30 minutes.

Hilton Anaheim
The results of the test have been outstanding. It does the job with a minimum of water. But, more importantly, for our guests' convenience, we like the fact that it not only moves the dirt, but dries fast, too. It's the new way to clean.

DoubleTree Hotel Ontario Airport
In addition to water savings we have also noticed significant savings in labor time. Prior to using the Waterbroom it took 4 hours to wash and clean our main entrance driveway to the hotel, now we can clean the same area in half the time.

Moutain View School District
I have received positive comments from the custodian at each of the sites. They have found them to be effective for cleaning and the minimal amount of water used shortens the drying time.

Fontana Unified School District
We have discovered by using the Waterbroom in areas such as our patios, quads and walkways, we estimate to be saving as much as 75% in our water usage and as much as 50% in labor time for the job being performed. Our employees have shown a great interest in using the Waterbrooms and enjoy its efficiency and ease of use.