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Sink Flow ControlSink Flow Controller
An Alternative to Faucet Aerators - 1 Per Pack

Sometimes you want to save water and a faucet aerator won't work - either because it won't fit properly or simply because someone keeps removing it. This sink flow controller is the solution to the problem. Located under the sink, flow controllers go undetected by the faucet user.

Easy to install. Install the flow controllers between the water supply and valve and never have to worry about the flow rate if the faucet aerator is removed!

You choose your flow rate. The sink flow controller is pressure compensating so it works well if you have low or varying water pressure.

  • 1 Per Pack - order 2 (hot water and cold water
  • Chrome Plated Solid Brass
  • Pressure Compensating – holds flow rate steady 20psi to 80psi
  • Male 1/2" x Female 1/2"
  • Choose from .5 gpm, 1 gpm, 1.5 gpm, 1.75 gpm or 2.2 gpm
  • Made in the USA

Sink Flow Control
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