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 - Click to enlarge2.2 GPM Perlator Standard Flow Dual-Thread Aerator Counter Display - Qty of 72

Ready for store shelves from delivery!! Minimal package to shelf adjustment for most efficient selling. The most commonly used faucet aerator is packed in this case and ready to sell! This true OEM quality product is now available to the Professional Trade at the most affordable price. Dual Threads (like the ones featured in this counter display) fits most faucets and is easily recognized to its patented Honeycomb® outlet construction and its color coded red dome screen. It delivers the highest flow rate allowed by Law in the US and Canada (2.2 gpm max at 60 psi). This product is also available in 1.5 gpm (green dome) for water conservation projects.
  • Dual thread
  • 2.2 gpm@60 psi
  • Standard flow
  • 12 convenient tubes of 6 faucet aerators
  • Made in USA

  • N10-9200-9
    Temporarily closed until May 15th.