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 - Click to enlargeFits all standard flapper toilets - lasts longer, saves water and prevents leaks.

If you're not ready to replace your old toilet and just need a tune-up, start with your flapper. The flapper is the flexible seal that keeps the water in the tank from leaking into the bowl. When you flush, the flapper is lifted by the chain and flush lever, and the water from the tank flows down into the bowl. Typical flappers don't last very long and are the cause of most problems and leaks in a toilet.

To quickly test whether the flapper on a toilet is leaking, use our leak detector dye tablets.

- Stops existing leaks, prevents new leaks for 5 years
- Extra-wide virgin PVC material
- Stainless steel ball chain, clasp & hook
- Fits 1.6, 3.5, 5 & 7 gallon tanks
- Replaces all standard flappers
- Installs easily by hand
- Chlorine and Chloramine resistant
- 5-year warranty

For pricing on more than 100 units, please inquire.

Earth Premier Adjustable 5 Year Flapper
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