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WaterBroom - Save Time, Save Water, Save Money

 - Click to enlarge Combines a hose and broom into one.
Great Water Savings!

  • As low as 2.0 gpm vs. a hose using up to 18 gpm.
  • Less than 2 tablespoons of water per square foot.
  • Washes and dries in minutes.
  • Connects to any hose in seconds.
  • 75% less labor than cleaning with hose & broom.
  • Made in USA by Watermiser

    Choose the model that's right for you. Call or email for quantity discounts.

    Customer Comments and Great Application Information

    California Rebate Program

  • WaterBroom 31"<br>Heavy Duty Industrial
    WaterBroom 31"
    Heavy Duty Industrial

    WaterBroom 36"<BR>Heavy Duty Industrial
    WaterBroom 36"
    Heavy Duty Industrial

    WaterBroom 46 "<br>Heavy Duty Industrial
    WaterBroom 46 "
    Heavy Duty Industrial